Making my (now) wife feel as loved and joyful as possible has always been my number one relationship priority, and that priority has grown many times over since we were married.


So, does it make me error-free and flawless? HA! Get her opinion on it.


What it does imply is that I work hard to make up for my flaws and dedicate the rest of my time to making sure she "feels the love."


The first step is to accept her for who she truly is.

All her life, she has been held up to (and held herself up to) external standards of comparison. It might be her self-esteem about her looks or her career or her desire to settle down and have children. Women are constantly judged and subjected to extreme amounts of pressure.


This is just one area where you'll need to convince her that those characteristics aren't essential to understanding who she is. The things she holds most dear are her principles, beliefs, and moral compass.


She hopes someone would see past her crooked teeth, her thin hair, and the fact that she's older than she had planned to be before getting married.


There is no reason to love her any less, or more, because of any of those qualities.


Realizing that she is a lady hiding underneath all that...


This is the lady who is reaching out, hoping to be seen and appreciated for the real, unfiltered version of herself.


Make an effort to win her confidence.

Trusting her takes a different strategy than attempting to sell yourself to her, which is the method most males do.


Men go to tremendous lengths to get the approval of women; they may mention their renowned acquaintances, brag about the success of their business in the previous year, valet park their Porsche in front of the ritziest restaurant, and hype themselves up.


Ignorantly assuming it's the perfect thing to say to make her happy.


Meanwhile, as a high-value lady who is self-sufficient in that regard, she is unable to leave the situation and must wait for the check to arrive before she can call an Uber to take her home.


The majority of men fail to put forth the effort required to win a woman's trust. To prove to her that he is more than simply a rich businessman with a bunch of flashy goods.


For one, it just takes a second for those things to vanish.


To add insult to injury, none of it actually reflects who you are. Your success in the corporate world is no guarantee that you will be a desirable life mate.


If you're a man of your word and always there for her, she'll know she can trust you through anything.


Those are significantly more precious than anything monetary.


Third, take your time.

Consider that if you're truly in love with someone, you're already fantasizing about a future with them. Perhaps in the context of marriage. Without a doubt, forever.


Though brief, one's life span might be rather extensive.


It's possible that you have many more decades of life ahead of you, depending on your current age. Of course you can't wait for "forever" to begin, but what's the big hurry? After all, it lasts indefinitely.


Things happen when they happen. Developing a deep emotional and physical connection takes time, and people do what seems right for them at the right time.


If you try to force things to move faster than they naturally would, you may wind up driving people away.


Instead, showing her that her needs are more important than your wishes by respecting (we'll get into this more later) the pace she moves at and what makes her comfortable is a powerful expression of your love for her.


Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the rapid pace at which two people may move things forward if they so want. When it comes to pace, there is no such thing as "right" or "wrong," just what is appropriate or inappropriate for a certain person.


4. Don't try to forget about her history; educate yourself on it.

Even while some people still hold the view that "it's awkward to talk about exes," I think it's important to try to put yourself in someone else's shoes because it may help you better appreciate where they're coming from and what they've been through in their relationships.


You're not looking to find out about your partner's past sexual activities, of course.


If they have been injured in the past, or if they have developed new perspectives on love, relationships, or males in general as a result of those experiences, it will be useful to learn more about those things.


In doing so, you may learn from the experiences of others and recognize when a difficulty is not due to you but rather to baggage she is bringing from her past.


I promise you, this will simplify things for you both.


And it will show her that you're interested in getting to know the real her, flaws and all.


5. Tell her all your secrets as well.

Trust is crucial, as we saw in point number two, but it has to go both ways.


She needs to know that you are willing to be vulnerable and share your thoughts and feelings with her before she can trust that you are truly committed. Everything there is to know about it, good, terrible, and ugly.


Consider #4 and how these things need to go both ways in a relationship if you are concerned about frightening her away.


She wasn't the proper person for you if you could accept her history but she couldn't accept yours.


If you're harboring secrets for good reasons, show her that you've matured since the time in question, not just to avoid dragging her through the mud but so that you can avoid it in the future.


Most individuals who read this would agree, however, that opening up to one another about who you truly are is a powerful way to cement your relationship. The hidden, unseen, or unrevealed components.


Showing that your love for her is sincere and genuine requires you to open out to her.


Don't be frightened by her might; instead, let it motivate you.

A lot of guys don't realize how much they desire a "strong woman" until they're actually dating one, in my opinion.


Men realize they are expendable only when they encounter a woman who has established interests and activities outside of the relationship.


Turning the tables, though: The good news is that.




This is significant because it demonstrates that she is not dependent on you but rather is selecting you as a partner she wants to be with.


Because of this, your relationship will become stronger for all the correct reasons.


Being with a lady who can do great things in her own right can motivate you to work harder toward your own dreams.


It will be possible for you to collaborate effectively.


You'll have a dependable companion by your side.


Someone who makes the conscious decision to put you first every morning, just as you do for her.


somebody you would be glad to tell your friends about and who would do the same for you.


Allowing her to fly far and wide demonstrates your confidence in your own strength and the certainty that she will return to you no matter how far she soars.


Make genuine connections with others, per step number seven.

They're waiting for me to say, "Oh, and make sure you have a lot of sex!" because they know that's what most of the males reading this want to hear.


Yes, as I've mentioned many times before, a strong sex life is crucial to keeping a relationship together over the long haul, but it's not a measure of love. Lots of you have probably had your fill of sex with someone you never loved.


However, if you and your partner have developed an intimate relationship characterized by a deep and reciprocal emotional attachment that extends beyond physical touch, then...


That's a very powerful and priceless asset.


More work is required as well.


While it's not hard to have sex, true closeness requires sacrifice, hard effort, and opening yourself to one another.


But here's the rub: true closeness greatly improves and prolongs your sex life with a partner. The depth of your feelings for them will entice you on a deeper level than any physical attraction could.


Eighth, merge your lives into one.

You've finally found someone who truly moves you, so celebrate!


But she senses your reluctance since you probably don't share her hobbies very often or encourage her to share yours. Perhaps there are others she hasn't met yet in your life...


The things you would take for granted could be serious concerns in her eyes.


I don't understand why he never watches my favorite show.


For what reason have I not met his cousins, about whom he always raves?


He never asks me to (fill in the blank with a regular activity of yours).


In her mind, you may be keeping an out without making things too tangled or difficult for her.


The fact is that if you want to start a life with someone, you're going to have to learn to share a lot of your own.


Feel free to continue pursuing your individual interests; you need not do everything with your partner.


the point is to take an interest in things that interest you. Symbolically, if you wish your two worlds to become one...


Only someone you genuinely love would deserve such an act.


Inquire according to her requirements in number 9.

I don't just mean going to the store or the coffee shop to get her something, but you should be prepared to do that whenever she asks.


I mean to ask her straight out what makes her feel appreciated. The "Love Languages" discussion in progress. Talking about the things we need, want, fear, and fantasize about.


You can learn all there is to learn through articles, coaches, books, seminars, etc.


However, in the end, the only one who can truly convey their love feelings is the one they are developing feelings for.


If you want to learn more about her, she is your best bet.


No. 10: Have self-love.

It's true that this piece is about loving her, but it's also about how caring for yourself gives you the strength to do so.


When you have confidence in yourself, it's because you love yourself.


We've established that being confident in yourself is crucial if you want to be able to be open and honest with her about who you are.


Feeling confident in oneself allows one to relax and let the other person enjoy their life without constant monitoring.


When you're confident in who you are, you can show her how you feel in your most intimate times.


When you have confidence in yourself, you can show up to work with greater authority and enjoy the outcomes more. This reflects in all aspects of your life.


If you have confidence in yourself, you won't feel compelled to always be the focus of attention and can instead prioritize her and her needs.


You improve as a guy when you make an effort to love yourself.


A guy with an expanded capacity for love, both as a giver and a receiver.


A man who intends to make his lifelong commitment to his partner count by sharing many happy years together.


A guy who defends his lady.


A dad who takes charge for his young ones.


Some guy who stands up for himself.


He takes responsibility for the couple.


That is the essence of real love.