One of the best ways that we can develop a strong friendship is by investing time in it. We have to make time to be with our friends in order to build that strong bond. Furthermore, we should also be doing activities together and make sure that there are no interruptions.

Another way is by remembering birthdays and other important occasions. It's really easy for us to forget people as we get caught up with our lives but this could lead us to losing out on some great friends so it's best to stay on top of those occasions.

You and your friend have to establish a certain level of comfort in order to form a true friendship. Once that is established, you can build the foundation. The first step is to be open with your friends and share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings openly.

 You need to be honest with one another in order to build trust. When you start sharing secrets with each other, this will help form an even stronger rapport as you begin trusting each other more.

Once you've established that foundation of trust with someone, the next step is honesty. Being honest about everything can be difficult at first but it's important in order for the two people establishing a friendship to grow closer together.

 Without honesty between friends there can never be an authentic connection or relationship because there will always be some level of mistrust present which will make it hard for them to feel comfortable around each other or share their thoughts freely without being afraid that they'll get judged, 

criticized or rejected by the other person they're trying to

There are various ways to try and build friendships with people. But, the most common and easiest way is to just be friendly, smile, chat with people and be a good listener.

Some people prefer a more formal approach and shake hands when they meet somebody for the first time. Others might like to go for some food or drinks together after work. The best way to find out what's best for you is through trial and error.

Friendships can be built through different channels of communication, but most often it's face-to-face interactions that are the most successful.