It was not an easy time for me when I was going through the job interview. I had a lot of questions in my mind and it took all my effort to stop myself from asking those questions.

I have been told many times by my friends that the best way to win the job interview is to be calm and confident, but I tried my best and it did not worked for me.

I am really glad that I came across this article which has not only helped me with some tips on how to prepare myself for a job interview but also how to come out of it with flying colors.

I was a bit nervous when I walked into my job interview, but afterwards I felt happy and calm.

Interviewers are human beings and they have feelings too. They want to know more about the person that they are interviewing, so I made sure to be myself during my interview. They were impressed with me because of how well I could answer the questions about myself, which is exactly what the company was looking for in an employee.

Job interviews are often a stressful experience that no one enjoys. Here are some things that I wish I knew before my first job interview.

My first interview was exciting but also very nerve-racking. When I got there, the interviewer gave me an in depth tour of the office, which was really nice because it allowed me to see how my co-workers interacted and if it would be a good fit for me personality wise. Then, we talked about what my workday would look like and what the company culture was like. They also showed me around the office so I could get a feel for where everything was, which is something that made me feel more comfortable knowing where to go when I needed help from other departments. Afterwards, we sat down at their desk and talked more about what types of projects they work on and how much time off is offered within this company. The whole interview process felt very interactive so by the time it was over, they had already seen a side

 I have applied one the most prestigious companies in my city and finally found myself in front of the HR representative. The interview was about an hour long and I did not know what to expect at all. There were a lot of questions, some of which were quite personal, but I managed to answer them all and keep a smile on my face even though inside I was so nervous that my hands were shaking.

The day after the interview, the HR representative called me back to let me know that they had chosen to go with another candidate, someone who had much more experience than me and had studied abroad for a couple of years. That was really tough on my self-esteem but it made me realize how competitive this world can be

After this experience I will never apply blindly again

The interview process is tedious. It can be a long, drawn-out process that we don't want to go through. However, it is necessary. A job interview is an essential part of the application and hiring process.

An interview is not just about answering questions correctly or improving your chances of getting the job based on your skillset; it's also about who you are as a person and how you behave in the presence of other people.