There is typically a sense of romantic attachment when you go on a date for the first time, but after that that attachment should decrease. If someone continues to be your friend after you stop being interested in them as a romantic partner, then they might not be a true friend.

A bond develops when two people spend time together and share similar interests. When you feel like someone truly understands you, it's because of this bond with them and their efforts to get to know and understand your interests. Friendships can't exist without the effort on the part of both people involved.

This topic is not a question, but rather a statement. We should be careful when we form friendships with people because they might just want something out of us.

The person who posted this seems to think that if someone has been your date, then there’s a possibility that they are only your friend because of the potential benefits (such as status or sex). This doesn't seem like a true friendship to me.

Yes, the word "date" is a time span and not always about dating. There are other meanings to the word "date".

In the section, we are exploring the idea of if someone can be your friend after they were your date. The answer is yes, even though it might be a bit strange to some people who think that being friends with an ex-partner is awkward and difficult. This question raises a lot of other ideas within it as well, such as how long do you need to wait before becoming friends with an ex? That depends on what was agreed upon during the breakup.

Friendship is an important and complicated bond. This can be compounded by the relationship between dating partners. What are the thoughts on someone being your friend after they've been your date?

This can be a complicated question to answer because it is a personal decision that would vary from person to person. Some people think of it as two different relationships, one where they are dating and another as friends who are mutually supportive of one another.

It is possible to be friends with someone that you have been on a date with. You will have to be willing to work on the relationship and start as friends, then it could develop into something more.

One possible answer to this question is no. The reason being that people date because they are looking for a long-term relationship or marriage. And once someone has found "the one," they tend to no longer have time to date other people.

Another possible answer to this is yes, especially if the two individuals have an "open" relationship and continue to be friends even after they broke up.