Test your phone with these games

The most downloaded games in the Play Store to test your phone

Test your phone with these games

How do you know if your phone is good with these games

 I saved up some money and bought an expensive phone, how do you know it's good

  • Here are more than 5 games downloaded in this year, which are huge and high-definition games. Test your phone and your passion through this article.

1_PUBG MOBILE.  Meeting: the return of the classics:

Test your phone with these games

PUBG MOBILE is the international version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Exhilarating.  However, here it is linked to your Google Play account, which means you don't have to create a WeChat or QQ account.

 In this game: You will participate in what is like a Battle Royale game where you will face more than a hundred real players who will have only one player left at the end of the game.  And if you want to be the winner, you'll have to move around the island and collect the best equipment and weapons you can find here and there.  And you better do it quickly, because the size of the playing area shrinks every few minutes.

 This game includes most of the elements available on the PC version of PUBG.  The controls are perfectly adapted to touch screen devices, as are the rest of the interactive objects and elements in the game.  You can enter buildings, drive vehicles, prepare your areas, use first aid kits, jump over walls, etc.

 In the game's settings, you can change the graphics settings, adapting them to your device's capabilities.  You can also customize the controls, whether when you're on your feet or when you're behind the wheel of one of your vehicles.

 PUBG MOBILE As with the original game;  It allows you to enjoy a lot of game modes: single, duo, or unit mode.  And if you play with some friends, you can talk to them using your device's microphone

تنزيل لعبة بوبجي انجليزي

2_PUBG MOBILE (KR) The Korean version of PUBG premium:

Test your phone with these games

The Korean version of the premium PUBG

 PUBG MOBILE (KR) is the Korean version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Exhilarating Battlefield. In this version of the game, you can play as a guest or log in using Facebook, Twitter or Google.

 In this game, you have to participate in a 'battle royale' where 100 real players face off in a closed environment until only one person survives. In order to succeed, you have to walk around the place while collecting the best weapons possible while making sure you stay within the playing area that shrinks regularly as the minutes go by.

 In PUBG MOBILE (KR), you will find practically all the elements from the original PUBG desktop version. The control system is an accurate adaptation of the original and the same goes for the game items and objects that you can interact with. You can enter buildings, climb into cars, use telescopes, use first aid kits, climb walls, and so on.

 Through the settings features, you can adjust the levels of graphic detail, which enables you to change the look of the game according to what your device can handle. You can also customize the controls both when you're on your feet or in a cart.

 PUBG MOBILE (KR) is a great adaptation of the original that lets you enjoy different game modes: solo or in teams. If you play in teams, you can also talk to your friends using your smartphone's microphone.

Koria pupg
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3_Fortnite.  The famous Battle Royale game, now on Android devices:

Fortnite is a game where you will find yourself looking at live multiplayer battles, in which 100 players engage in horrific battles for survival, until only one player remains on the battlefield.  And this time, the credit for this version of Fortnite is;  for Android devices;  It belongs to Epic Games Studios. 

 The developer team has kept all the original scenes as well as the original gameplay, which preserves the quality and aesthetics of the game.

 The main new feature of this game compared to other battle royale games is that it allows you to create buildings on your playing area.  To use those buildings as shelters, to search for ammo and to protect yourself.  You'll have to pick up base materials in order to build temporary walls and stairs.  

At the same time, you'll have to deal with an invisible barrier that keeps expanding and contracting, and is designed to keep you alert and always on the move during each game.

تحميل لعبة شبيه للبوبجي تعمل خفيفة

 Visually, this game is completely identical to its PC and console versions, because it is built on Unreal Engine 4. And not only that, but all of its financing system is completely identical to those versions.  In addition, it is completely free to play, so if you want to buy some aesthetic improvements that you can buy through the application. 

 Moreover, Epic Games is unifying the gameplay between its versions for different devices, which means that you will be able to participate in PvP battles with other players who play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices.

 Fortnite is already considered one of the best games of 2018. Its Android version is designed to gain a massive following from online players from all over the world.

   Subway surfers.  Skate at full speed and run away from the police.

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4_Free Fire - Battlegrounds.  Battle royale faster and less requirements:

A third-person action game clearly inspired by PUBG.

Here you will join a group of up to 50 players fighting to the death on a vast island full of weapons and vehicles.  Only one player will survive on this island and survive.

 The controls in Free Fire - Battlegrounds are simple: on the left part of the screen you have a virtual controller to control your character, while on the right side, you'll find buttons to shoot, crouch, lie down and jump. 

When you find a weapon, a chest, a cart or a door, interact with them by clicking on the button that appears on the screen.  On the top right, you'll also find your inventory where you can pick out the weapon you'd like to use.

 The game development in Free Fire - Battlegrounds is very similar to the previously mentioned PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or any other fighting game of the royal genre.

The game begins with all players parachuting onto the island.  Once they land, they have to start running to find weapons and beat attacks from the rest of the players.  You also have to pay attention to the force field that will gradually approach you as the game progresses.  If he hits you, you will die.  Fortunately, you can use carts if you get stuck.

لعبة فري فاير تعمل على كل الاجهزة

 The only difference between Free Fire - Battlegrounds and other similar games is that instead of playing matches with 100 players, there are only 50 players here.  The time was adjusted accordingly.  Instead of playing for 30 minutes, most sessions last only 15 minutes.  In fact, PUBG is faster and more tense.

 Free Fire - Battlegrounds is a battle royale that gives you a very entertaining and addictive gaming experience.  The game also occupies the least amount of memory compared to other similar games and is less demanding on your Android, so practically anyone can enjoy playing it.

منها جهازك فري فاير تحمل للاجهزة الضعيفة

5_clash of clans:

Clash of Clans is a real time strategy and management game where you need to build a village where its brave members can live.  Then you send them on missions to destroy enemy camps to prove their bravery.

 The game is divided into two completely different phases.  In the beginning, you'll have to build structures and hire citizens (yes, you'll have to pay them) while in the second stage, you'll get into real-time strategic battles where you can show off your skills.

 The game offers ten different types of units which you can improve by gaining experience and money.  You can also build all kinds of different defense systems in your city which is vital if you intend to resist the enemy attacks that will arrive sooner or later.

 Clash of Clans is an entertaining strategy and management game that is more interesting than it might seem.  In addition to all this, the game is free and optimized for Android devices.

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Test your phone with these games.