How to meet a guy and interest him (2) ?

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3. Reconcile expectations with reality.

Naturally, every woman wants her mate to be smart, strong, rich and generous, kind, and have so many other virtues. But this raises two problems:

Do the qualities of the "ideal" contradict each other?

Does the woman herself meet her needs?

For example, it is very difficult to imagine a determined and wise guy who can be manipulated. Here you will get only one of two things - either a strong-willed man, or a soft and obedient.

As for the second problem, it occurs, alas, even more often. To see if a girl has fallen into this trap, all she has to do is ask herself the question, "What can I give in return?" Obviously, the answer "my love and beauty" in exchange for 10 pages of requests will not pass.

Another misconception is to look for the right candidate in the wrong place. A passionate, active young man is unlikely to go to theaters and libraries. And the calm and balanced will not spend all night long in clubs. And certainly neither of them will meet if you stay at home all the time.

Use nonverbal cues.

If we are talking about acquaintance in reality, it would be a good idea to first show the guy that he is interesting without words, without approaching him yet. Of course, if a man is obviously in a hurry, then it is better to skip this phase and generally wonder if the moment is right, since he is in such a hurry.

How can you express your sympathy from afar? A few ways:

Smile at him after touching eyes;

Send him a kiss or a wink;

to look away in sweet embarrassment, deliberately and so that he notices;

to wave a hand coquettishly;

catching his gaze, bite or lick your lower lip.

If the young man looks the other way, you can sit down or stand next to him so that he notices the lady's presence.

In the case of Internet dating, you can "like" his posts, leave themed pictures, video or audio recordings below them. But the main thing in this case is not to go overboard. If you often drop hints, without turning to action, the guy is likely to consider her too intrusive. So with the next step it is better not to delay.